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Alternative Medicine and a healthy way of life

MillsRiver Family Chiropractic
Drs Tom and Laura Gross

Alternative MedicineThis term used to denote any form of health care, usually natural, that was either not delivered by or not what is usually expected from the traditional western medical community.This term has been refocused in recent years.Alternative medicine still represents a form of healthcare outside of the model of traditional western medicine.People who are using “Alternative Medicine” have chosen to restore and manage their health completely outside the traditional medical mode. The new term that describes combining natural therapies with traditional medical therapies is now being called Complimentary Medicine.

Alternative Therapies- Many alternative therapies have a comprehensive philosophy behind them which, within their model, explains how the therapy fits into a plan to restore and manage total wellness.They are usually holistic in nature considering most all aspects of a person’s life and the many things that effect ones health. These philosophies typically suggest an organizing vitalistic or life empowering force or principle.This life force goes by many names; such as Innate Intelligence, Chi, Life Force, Healing Power of the Body, etcetera. The basis of most all of these models is the underlying premise that the power that made the body sustains and heals the body and that any attempt to heal the body must work with this life force.Each model has a unique philosophy of how this life force works in the body and how to approach influencing it to help restore health.

Because these therapies are based on a comprehensive philosophy which usually seeks to explain how life expresses itself in both health and disease, they can be used, within each individual model, to both predict and prevent disease.This ability to prevent disease is one of the most important reasons Alternative Medicine has gained such popularity.Other reasons for the popularity of Alternative Therapies are that they are generally natural or naturally derived and often have little to no bad side effects.There is typically no harm in trying these therapies and much to gain if they work.However, as Alternative Medicine has become more popular and the people seeking alternatives are more main-stream than ever before. The very thing that bound these therapies together, their philosophies, which suggest a way of living that supports and maximizes this life force, is typically neglected by this mainstream health consumer.

What has resulted is the formation of Complimentary Medicine.A confession of value regarding the therapies but in most cases neglecting the “way of life” that was the key to prevention.To bolster predictability this new development seeks to standardize many of these approaches and study their effectiveness outside of their comprehensive way of life.This has led to many changes in the way Natural Medicine is being practiced.

Traditional western medicine has been founded on the detailed study of disease.Therapies in western medicine are aimed at managing the many aspects of disease.This study has been solidly founded on medical science.There is a serious flaw in the science of medicine which has sought to understand health by studying disease.

The vitalistic philosophies often express principles based in cultural mythology.This cultural mythology is intertwined in the rational for the application and the principles of these alternative therapies.Both mainstream secular and Judeo-Christian culture take issue with many of the philosophical tenants especially in regard to this cultural mythology, for different reasons.

Our culture has a natural and vitalistic philosophy rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition.Science has confirmed there are important reasons for the “way of life” recorded in our predominant written tradition which is the Holy Bible.Industrialization, although bringing many wonderful advances, has undermined many to most of our basic cultural foundations for natural health.A return “back to the basics” is only possible in some areas of our industrialized lives.We need an appreciation for how we benefit from vigorous physical activity, fresh clean air, water and natural food not chemicalized, irradiated or genetically modified, natural light, right relationships with a heart of forgiveness, acceptance and love, and the rest and relaxation of the “LORD’s day.”

Mills River Family Chiropractic seeks to offer a caring whole person health approach to healing and wellness.It is our goal to bring Gods revealed wisdom regarding right living, wellness and healing into everything we do.