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Alternative Medicine and a Healthty Way of Life  (4/16/2004)
Discusses Alternative and Complementary Medicine and introduces the Vitalistic Philiosophy of health and wellness.

The Art of Anti-Aging  (3/23/2005)
The art of anti-aging is the ability to so confidently embrace and gracefully follow the practices of sound spiritual and physical health that these principles seem obvious and their wisdom undeniable to those around us.

The Benefits of Exercise Outline  (4/16/2004)
A Compilation of benefits of exercise on cardiovascular risk factors, optimal aging and mental and emotional well being.

Brain Mapping! Neurofeedback!  (7/26/2005)
Brain Mapping is more than a window into the brain!  Neurofeedback is more than stress reduction!
Primer on these exciting technologies.

Can Neurogenic Inflammation Explain your Health Concerns (4/16/04)
Neurogenic Inflammation may be at the root of many symptoms of poor Health.  A brief discussion of Neurogenic Inflammation, it's many faces and some natural approaches to resolution.

Children with AD/HD: Different Approaches Compared (exerpt from JACA, July 2002)
This article was taken almost directly from an article which was published in the Journal of the American Chiropractic Association in July 2002 and authored by Natalia V. Schetchikova, PhD entitled “Children with ADD: Medical vs. Chiropractic Perspective and Theory.”This original published work is a 16 page fully referenced article.

Come to Me, all you who are heavily laden and I will give you rest. (4/16/04)
Jesus invited all who are heavily laden to come unto him and receive the Sabbaths rest. He knows our flesh wants to store up all our problems and carry them on our backs.This is in essence pride.If we are really attached to our flesh we will try to blame others for our burden or force them to carry it.I call this “I is dumb but You is dumber.”

Do you think about food often or prefer carbohydrates? (4/10/03)
If you think about food or prefer carbohydrates you may be showing signs of a very common but almost completely misunderstood brain based health problem.The problem involves an area deep within the brain that controls and regulates many of our most basic behaviors like hunger, thirst, sleep and sexual arousal.The central focus is on an area of the brain called the hypothalamic / pituitary (H/P) axis.Problems in this area can be called Hypothalmic Pituitary Dysfunction or HPD.

Don’t just sit there, move it, buddy!  (4/16/2004)
This article reviews some underapreciated benefits of exercise and suggests a postural relief for those who spend their days sitting at a desk.

Dyslexia: A literature Review (Stephan Sexton)
A review of recent thought in the neurological foundations of Dyslexia.

Experience A NEW START
What follows is a simple formula that can serve as a reminder to the many important factors that effect our vitality every day of our lives.A NEW START + is an acronym for the many variables in daily vitality.

Follow Me
I can imagine that Jesus was strolling along beside the Sea of Galilee likening it to a vast sea of men, trapped in a “world of sin”, completely oblivious that there is anything outside the water.Then he sees Peter and Andrew, pulling fish from the sea.He called them “from their own sea” ...

Presentation on CranioSacral Therapy
A body fluid called cerebrospinal fluid CSF is moved deep in the brain and around the spinal cord in a river like current by a “craniosacral pump” which has more recently been called the Primary Respiratory Mechanism.

Functional Therapeutics in Neurodegenerative Disease (David Perlmutter, MD)
Dr. David Perlmutter has accomplished a very courageous task in his monograph Functional Therapeutics in Neurodegenerative Diseases. He has crossed the disciplinary boundaries from the comfort of his profession as a board-certified Neurologist to put together a very compelling integrated model for the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

Hey, Don't Touch My Plate
Food or Non-Food: THAT is the question.Whether it is nobler to eat what you want despite biblical and scientific warnings of health risks, citing New Testament freedoms based in the fulfillment of the law in Christ Jesus, or rather to struggle free of our entrenched dietary indiscretions, forging a more natural way of feeding your body for health and wellness despite enormous social and economic pressures designed to hold you in bondage.

History of QEEG
Interest in gaining clinically useful information from brain electrical activity began shortly after Berger’s discovery of the Alpha rhythm about 75 years ago.QEEG is an extension of electroencephalography; but unlike traditional EEG which is done only by visual inspection of the record, qEEG allows EEG records to be quantitatively analyzed.The new analysis was made possible by advances in electronics, microcomputers, and mathematics.

Hey! I Dare You to Eat This!
If I gave you a pasty substance on a spoon and told you it qualified as a poison according to Dorland’s Medical dictionary’s definition, would you eat it? What if I re-assured you and told you it tasted good, even saying it tasted like some of your favorite foods.

If You are not in your Right mind, what's Left?
The brain can be divided into a right and left side. Most of us think the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. This is 90 to 93% incorrect. Most of us think the right side of the brain feels the left side of the body and vice versa. This is also not entirely correct. In medicine we learn about the body and it’s function studying separate systems of the living body which only functions as a whole.  

Inflammation: The Body on Fire
Inflammation is a destructive and self-perpetuating process. I rant a bit about the serious side effects of COX-2 inhibiters and how it was predictable that some people would be endangered by marketing these drugs then review some safe and natural ways to reduce inflammation.

Informative Health Discussion Series
Everyone in our culture has been exposed to the disposable, quick fix, I want it now mentality.Television, radio, magazines, newspapers and billboards everywhere reinforce this message suggesting what you should expect and accept regarding health.As a result of this “programming” there is a serious philosophical dilemma for most people when they are faced with the necessity of making the kind of real-life choices that effect their lifestyle and can have the power to regain their health and get their life back on track.

Interdependence in The LORD’s Day
I have a deep abiding respect for our founding fathers here in America. They left a tyrannical Kingship to form a self governed nation founded on Godly principles. They gained independence at the incalculable cost in lives of their precious loved ones. We are the beneficiaries of their sacrifice. They rejected a system of government that restricted their religious freedom to the point of imprisonment or worse in favor of a government founded on principles that a population of God fearing decent people could govern themselves and arrive at truth within the guidelines of certain endowments by their creator.

Nia Fitness Class coming to Mills River
Nia is a widely known and appreciated style of fitness training. We are pleased to bring this highly effective and respected fitness class to the town of Mills River. In Hebrew Nia means a small tiny movement, however, Nia is actually fashioned so that anyone at any level of fitness can participate and benefit.Nia actually stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action. It is founded on the concept that there is a dancer, martial artist and a highly aware person within each of us.

Is giving drugs to children the best option for AD/HD?
Recently I attended the Annual Conference for the International Society for Neuronal Regulation.While there, I learned that in a recent study to be published in Cancer Letters, Texas researchers have found that after just three months, every one of a dozen children treated for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with the drug methylphenidate experienced a threefold increase in levels of chromosome abnormalities…occurrences associated with increased risks of cancer and other adverse health effects.

Is Insulin Resistance Effecting your Health?
Do you have an “apple shaped” body or have trouble eliminating pounds?Do you feel tired after you eat, often feel ravenously hungry, feel light headed, dizzy or headachy if you skip or delay meals, wake up starving after having a large meal the night before. Do you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or triglycerides?You may have already developed an often overlooked disease estimated to effect one in three Americans.The disease which can cause these symptoms is called Insulin resistance or Syndrome X.

Key Factors to Health: The Iceberg and the Titanic
The Iceberg analogy is not new to a dynamic model of health.A very small percentage of an iceberg is actually visible.It is the same with our health.A symptom is not the cause of itself.Indeed, like an iceberg, a symptom is merely the visible tip of an underlying process that needs to be understood in scope to be reckoned with and to avoid disaster.