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Can Neurogenic Inflammation Explain Your Health Concerns?

Mills River Family Chiropractic
Drs Tom and Laura Gross

Neurogenic inflammation has been implicated in an astonishing variety of health concerns.Aggressive research in neurogenic inflammation has implicated acne, reactive airway disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), arthritis (various including OA and RA) asthma, bladder problems (trouble starting and finishing), irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, ischemic cardiac disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, crohne’s disease, contact dermatitis/rashes, failure to thrive (newborns), fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal inflammatory conditions and malabsorption, headaches (various types including migraine and cluster headaches), immune system dysregulation (esp. autoimmune), impotence, interstitial cystitis, chronic pain syndromes, pelvic inflammatory disease, PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), chronic prostatitis, pulpitis (tooth inflammation), reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), sinusitis/ rhinitis, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

How can this be possible? Just what is neurogenic inflammation anyway and what can be done about it? Neurogenic inflammation causes, aggravates or contributes to such a wide range of conditions because each inflamed tissue and organ will present a unique symptom picture.In neurogenic inflammation, sensory nerve endings release chemical irritants which trigger an inflammatory response. The release of these irritants can be triggered by hypoxia (low oxygen in the tissue), infection (viral, bacterial or fungal), trauma or mechanical irritation, edema or lymphatic congestion, exposure to chemicals, a decrease in normal adrenal gland function (stress of various kinds), anxiety (due to neurotransmitter GABA), dehydration leading to anaerobic metabolism or many other problems in cellular energy production, pro-inflammatory biochemistry from many reasons including eating partially hydrogenated fats (margarine, Crisco, etc.) or abuse of pain killers, decreased level of brain function (loss of descending inhibition of “pain” pathways), etcetera.

We feel the most sensible intervention will include attention to reduce or eliminate the triggers, some application to quench the inflammation at the tissue level, and effective techniques to re-establish normal neurological function at the tissue level (nerve receptors), the spinal cord and the brain.Unfortunately almost all of the research, informative though it may be, has as its goal the discovery of a drug that will treat the various symptoms.Interestingly, capsaicin, a component of red pepper, is commonly used in research into various neurogenic inflammation models.To treat cluster headaches they apply capsaicin into the nostril on the same side as the headaches.This causes burning pain, tearing (crying) etc. just like the headaches but depletes a chemical mediator of neurogenic inflammation called substance P.The headaches decrease in frequency and duration as substance P is depleted.These terrible headaches are kept at bay as long as substance P is depleted. Researchers are working on drugs that will accomplish this same function.But why is substance P being produced in the first place!So commonly traditional approaches rush to an analgesic and ignore the process or dysfunction.We feel attention must be made to reduce or eliminate the triggers and restore normal biochemistry and neurology.

At Mills River Family Chiropractic we test for over 20 irritants which are known to mediate neurogenic inflammation.We rigorously test metabolic and neurological pathways to determine the root cause of neurogenic inflammation and we seek to determine exactly which natural interventions will correct and restore the biochemical and neurological components. These interventions must be maintained over a period of time to allow the body to re-establish normal biochemical and neurological function.If you feel you or your loved ones may suffer with neurogenic inflammation please feel free to contact our office to find out how we may be able to help. Thank you and remember GOD blessed you.