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Come to Me, all you who are heavily laden and I will give you rest.

Mills River Family Chiropractic
Drs. Tom and Laura Gross 

Jesus invited all who are heavily laden to come unto him and receive the Sabbaths rest.He knows our flesh wants to store up all our problems and carry them on our backs.This is in essence pride.If we are really attached to our flesh we will try to blame others for our burden or force them to carry it.I call this “I is dumb but You is dumber.”This to say when we are saddled with burdens we are “Me centered” and start most of our sentences with “I” statements. This is really dumb.Worse yet is that which is born of unforgiveness often called “The Blame Game” and characterized by sentences starting with “You.”This is dumber!Usually there is a “YOU” in your “I” and that’s why the LORD said we should remove the log from our own eye before we try to pick the speck out of our brother’s.

Jesus said he did nothing of his own initiative or personal will but rather the will of His Father who is in heaven.Selah. This is our resting place in Him.

The world would encourage us to dig though our backpack and examine it’s contents.Then we would come to understand our past based on our burden. We might even be lead to interpret who we are based on what we are choosing to drag around with us.After all it’s our favorite stuff which we love to hate.How very different is what He offers us.

As Christians we are invited/commanded to lay our burdens down and cast our cares before him.Then we are to will the LORD’s will, for His yoke is easy and his burden light.We do this primarily by keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus.This is different from checking with the LORD, but invariable starts out feeling that way.We are told if we walk continuously according to the spirit then by no means will we satisfy the lust of the flesh.There is a familiarity born of intimacy with Jesus.As we keep him in our hearts and minds moment by moment we begin to see who we are as he sees us.Instead of dragging around the concerns of the old man and having our identity founded on our life experiences, we are to keep the Lord in our hearts and minds and carry His Holy Spirit into the world and our identity will be founded on the new man in Christ.The nature of this new man is characterized by Gods true love.

I sat down to write about Kid’s wearing heavy backpacks in school and how bad it is for their developing neuromusculoskeletal system.The analogy seemed overwhelming so I was compelled to write about it.The times require us to diligently pursue this intimate and unburdened walk with the LORD.What could possibly be more exciting or rewarding?

Regarding the backpack issue, A study appearing recently in the journal Spine evaluated backpack weights and back pain.They found that backpack related activities led to low back pain in almost half of the students.In the study the average backpack weighed 20 pounds.The resulting spinal loads on the child for their size exceeded the legal occupational limits set for adults as a proportion of their weight.They suggested reducing the child’s backpack weight by including only necessary items.Other sources have suggested dual textbooks for home and school or copies of lessons.

At Mills River Family Chiropractic we offer a holistic approach to health care.Carrying the Holy Spirit into everything we do is the hallmark of a vital Christian. We believe this makes a huge difference in the care that people receive in our clinic.