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Don’t just sit there, move it, buddy!

Mills River Family Chiropractic
Drs Tom and Laura Gross

School is out (for most) and summer is in!This is the time of year that almost everyone becomes more active outdoors.But that is a very big almost and what being more active outdoors means to some of us won’t do us much good.We have all heard something or other about the benefits of exercise, yet all segments of our population are reportedly becoming more and more sedentary.

When I was growing up, you would see families riding bicycles, kids in the trees and running around in every neighborhood.Where have all the people gone.I used to tell my mom, “bye mom, I’m go’in to Jeff’s” and she would say “be back in time for dinner”.Then my friends and I would be all over the streets, disappear into the park or something like that for hours and hours.I would come home with grass stains and holes in my pants knees, oops!Now, where are the kids?If you drive around through neighborhoods you don’t see them out rough housing like you used to.

The effects of being sedentary can be disastrous. The first thing that comes to mind in summer regarding exercise is weight loss.Regular exercise can improve your BMI (Body Mass Index). Most of us have heard that exercise is good for our cardiovascular system.It improves heart function, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, helps prevent hardening of the arteries and can help develop a nice healthy pulse. Exercise can even increase insulin sensitivity to help correct hypoglycemia and prevent Type II diabetes. Many people who are prone to constipation know that walking can help keep them regular.Regular exercise actually improves bone density, joint integrity and can benefit posture and efficiency in breathing.

Exercise is also known to help reduce stress and anxiety while increasing your sense of wellbeing.In fact, findings recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine show that naturally occurring phenylacetic acid increases after exercise and is associated with increased energy and improved mood, even to the point of acting as an anti-depressant. Research has also shown that the two biggest factors associated with the cognitive decline of aging (senility) are decreased motoricity (lack of movement) and increased caloric consumption (high calorie diet).In other words, even your ability to think well is effected by your natural and daily activity level.This decline in mental function can be seen at any age with lack of movement and a high calorie diet, even in our children.

If your lifestyle has become sedentary, don’t just sit there, move it buddy!If your job has you sitting all day long practically in the fetal position, try the Bruggers Postural relief.Every 20 minutes or so take 10 seconds to scoot to the edge of your chair, sit up straight, spread your legs apart with your toes pointing out to the side, bring your arms back and out to your side about a 12 inches from your waist with your thumbs back and your palms facing up and gently slide your head straight back, tilt your pelvis forward and lift your ribcage up so as to increase the curve in your low back. This therapeutic posture can help relieve muscle aches and help prevent headaches.

Mills River Family Chiropractic is pleased to offer Whole Person Health Care.  We can help identify and offer alternatives to lifestyle or work related aggravations to help you and your loved ones express more of their God given health potential.