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Experience A NEW START +

Drs. Tom and Laura GrossMillsRiver Family Chiropractic

Have you ever wondered what people are on when they are high on life?

Have you rationalized that they are just faking it or envied those who seem to possess this gift?

Read on and discover a way of thinking about your life that can help you experience vitality, perhaps for the first time in your life. What follows is a simple formula that can serve as a reminder to the many important factors that effect our vitality every day of our lives.A NEW START + is an acronym for the many variables in daily vitality.

Air    Nutrition     Sunshine+ Trust in GOD ( a big plus )
 Exercise    Touch of Love
Water         Attitude
Temperance in all things

Most of these factors are easily taken for granted!

Air- You breathe in and out all day long every day.The quality of the air you breathe, as well as the way you breathe, impacts your health and vitality dramatically.It is important to get out into genuinely fresh air every day.Even in MillsRiver where the air pollution is not too bad we have problems with mold and other airborne allergens.Many people are helped dramatically by getting a high quality air filter ( such as an HEPA ) for their home and office.More importantly if you smoke or are around people who do- STOP IT - !!!Nothing destroys the air quality faster!

Nutrition - We’ve all heard “you are what you eat.”If you want a large quantity of low quality body then eat a large quantity of low quality food.If; however, you prefer to have a low quantity of very high quality body then eat a low quantity of very high quality food! If you want the best advice on nutrition in a nutshell then if it comes in a box, bag, jar or can; don’t eat it.Instead eat plenty of high quality grains, fresh raw fruit and vegetables and fresh raw nuts.By the way, roasted and salted nuts are rancid so Planters and junk food Jiff don’t count.

Exercise - Use it or lose it.Everyone knows exercise is important and the most common excuse is“I don’t have the time or energy.”The funny thing is exercise can actually give you more energy and help you accomplish more in less time. An excellent rule of thumb is 30 minutes of vigorous exercise every day.Often people in pain with back, hip or knee problems are afraid to exercise.Most people are surprised to find out that appropriate exercises are some of the best forms of therapy.Remarkably, I have heard and read people claim that daily exercise is all they did and they are now pain free. Some conditions may require chiropractic or other medical assistance.

Water - Physical life does not exist without water.Water is a necessary nutrient because it is involved in all metabolic pathways.We have all heard “drink eight glasses of water a day.”If you are drinking tap water, this may not be such a good idea.There have been volumes written questioning the safety of municipal water supplies due to recycled sewage, local farm chemicals and chlorination practices to name only a few.A reverse osmosis water filter is an excellent investment protecting you loved ones health and allowing you to drink plenty of water with a clear conscience.By the way, your body needs “uncombined water.”The water in sodas or juice doesn’t cut it.

Sunshine - A lot of people hide from the sun as we work indoors all day or since we hear so much about UV radiation and skin cancer or aging.Sunlight is an important element of life, helping your body manufacture vitamin D and regulating biorhythms.The safest way to get the sunshine your body craves is to get 30 minutes of sun around 10 a.m. or around 4 p.m..The UV exposure is not as intense at these times.If you are a sun worshiper, please read the section on temperance in all things and if your work has you in the sum all day then please use the highest SPF sunscreen you can find.

Touch of Love - The knowledge of the power of touch is almost lost in our culture.Studies show that untouched babies fail to thrive and die.A touch of Love is healing and feeds our soul.How much of the touch we give and receive is indifferent or abusive.How much of the touch we give and receive is gentle, caring, loving and kind.Touching is “touching!”The daily giving and receiving of gentle, caring, loving and kind touch can transform your life and the lives of those you “touch.”

Have you ever wondered what people are on when they are high on life?

This is the conclusion of our 3 part article presenting an acronym for the multifactorial components of creating and maintaining natural health. The factors which maintain natural health are the elements of life itself yet bear repeating and keeping in mind as they are typically ignored and or distorted in our culture.These elements include clean air, pure water, good nutrition, appropriate exercise, appropriate sunshine, healthy attitude, good rest and relaxation, loving touch and loving relationships, temperance in all things, faith and more important in GOD.

The following is an elaboration of these important considerations in our daily lives.

Attitude - An attitude can make or break you.I have heard that the most accurate translation of the word “repent” as used in the HOLY BIBLE is to change your attitude!An attitude of gratitude can grace your life.Beware the magnet of negativism!There have been literally thousands of books written throughout the century which suggest YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ALL DAY LONG.Another perspective on these writings is that we attract what we dwell on into our lives.My favorite way of communicating this point is that we always have an ever present choice.We can choose to be miserable, negative, mediocre, complaining and unhappy in the way we see and respond to life or we can choose to be and see goodness, learn important lessons, do our very best in everything we do, have fun and enjoy our experiences and see GOD and HIS grace at work in all people, places and things. Now which of these two options are you choosing in your ever present moment.Be advised, the dominant choice quickly becomes a habit. Choose wisely!

Rest - Relaxation is your friend.A good old friend.How long has it been since you felt really relaxed.Well that’s probably too long.Deep and profound relaxation will rest your mind, body and soul.If your mind races endlessly and your body stays tense most of the need rest!Rest and relaxation can improve the quality and longevity of your life.Improving quality and decreasingneed for sleep, reducing stress, normalizing blood pressure, enabling you to maximize your bodies innate healing ability, and allowing your mind to operate in a different mode which untold geniuses have credited for their creativity... these are only a few of the benefits of re-learning relaxation.

There are many methods of re-learning relaxation.A method called systematic desensitization asks you to tense individual muscle groups then progressively relax them while noticing how it feels.The purpose is to get us back in touch with our bodies and teach us how to feel what we have tuned out for soo long.Self hypnosis, meditation and deep prayer are also useful in relearning relaxation.In these states our brains produce alpha rhythms which have been used in biofeedback to achieve deeper and more effective states of relaxation. Remembering to relax is not only an important part of your daily just may transform your life.

Temperance in all things - alittle of anything is medicine and a lot of the same can be poison

Balance in life

Letting things control us - addictions



Moderation in all things - paul

+ Trust in GOD (a big plus) -

Mills River Family Chiropractic seeks to offer a caring whole person health approach to healing and wellness.It is our goal to bring Gods revealed wisdom regarding right living, wellness and healing into everything we do.