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Hey, I dare you to eat this!

Drs. Tom and Laura Gross

In the first two editions of this article we introduced the ideas that although our salvation does not hinge upon our diet, there are very important considerations worthy of our attention.In this edition we will further expose some specific problematic foods to get out of your diet and kitchen.

If I gave you a pasty substance on a spoon and told you it qualified as a poison according to Dorland’s Medical dictionary’s definition, would you eat it?What if I re-assured you and told you it tasted good, even saying it tasted like some of your favorite foods.Now, to satisfy the need for full disclosure I would have to say, if you consume it you will be at risk for the following and more;

  • Headaches
  • Joint pain & Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Skin problems
  • Hot Flashes
  • Premenstrual syndrome & Menstrual cramps
  • Chronic use/abuse of pain killers (NSAID’s) with their associated risks
  • Heart Attacks and Strokes
  • Cardiovascular Disease,Increasing Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Heart Attack Risk Factors
  • Auto-Immune and Inflammatory diseases
  • Cancer

WOW!Who would eat that stuff. You and I and the American public eat it by the barrel straight from the grocery store shelf! It is called

Hydrogenated or Partially Hydrogenated Fats or Oils

Partially hydrogenated oils DO NOT EXIST IN NATURE.Natural fats exist in what is called the “cis” form.Cis fats metabolize properly and build healthy flexible cell membranes.Partially hydrogenated fats exist in the un-natural “trans” form.Trans fats alter the structure of our delicate cell membranes and disturb normal fat metabolism in a destructive way.Natural cis fats are ½ metabolized (Half Life) in 18 days.Trans fats’ ½ life is 51 days, inhibiting essential enzyme pathways and building unhealthy cells all the while.That means the Jiff “peanut butter” and Dorito’s chips you feed your children will be damaging their cells and slowly laying the seeds of chronic disease for well over 51 days if they eat nothing else with trans fats.Most Americans eat this stuff daily, and feed it to our children and we are a nation leading the world in degenerative diseases.

READ LABELS!Your health and the health of those you feed depends on it!These fats are in practically everything on the grocery store shelves; margarine, vegetable shortening, most chips, cakes, candies, cookies, microwave popcorn, peanut butter,“prepared” food both frozen and canned, chewy granola bars and other so-called heath foods, and the list goes on… Prov 23:1-3

The doctors at Mills River Family Chiropractic are pleased to serve the Lord providing comprehensive “Whole Person@ natural health care for restoring and optimizing health at any and all ages. References for this article are available upon request.