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If You’re Not In Your Right Mind, What’s Left?!?!

MillsRiver Family Chiropractic / ABC Learning Lab

Drs Tom and Laura Gross

The brain can be divided into a right and left side. Most of us think the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. This is 90 to 93% incorrect. Most of us think the right side of the brain feels the left side of the body and vice versa. This is also not entirely correct. In medicine we learn about the body and it’s function studying separate systems of the living body which only functions as a whole. I would like share with you just a few of the many functions attributed to the left and right sides of the brain and show you a simple test that can give some insight into which side of your brain might benefit from additional stimulation.

When you first notice the letter or letters in the box

to the right, do you see an upper case or lower case letters?


The box contains an upper case E composed of many smaller case e’s. Often people will see one but not the other until it is pointed out to them. The left brain tends to see the detail and patterns in things and the right brain likes to see the big picture. If your left brain is dominating you will be more likely to notice the lower case letters. If your right brain is dominating you will tend to see the upper case E.

The following are brief a collection of functions believed to be associated with a right or left brain in good working order.

Right Brain: Tactile (touch) sensation from both sides of the body, identifying smells and hue (variations in color), understanding meaning or the big idea, depth perception, recognition of faces / facial expressions, non-verbal communication / body language, emotional tone of voice, production of the music of speech (questions use tone going up, etc.) and pitch discrimination, attention and impulse control, low frequency sound especially in the left ear, memory for direction and location, learning anything new, , recognizing humor and metaphors, common sense and conscience, negative emotions and withdrawal behavior (desire to pick up your toys and go home), speed of heartbeat, and a sense of time.

Left Brain: Sensation from right side only, right ear preference for words and high pitches, auditory processing, visual detail and focus, speech, vocabulary, exact literal interpretations, general IQ, calculating, identification of patterns and sequences and step by step instructions, Logic, computation and math, positive optimistic emotions and curious approach behavior, fine motor skills, and rhythm of the heartbeat.

Mills River Family Chiropractic and ABC Learning Lab utilize hemispheric integration as part of their specific comprehensive brain based approach to healing. Thank you and may America Bless GOD.