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Informative Discussion Series on Genuine Health and Healing

Drs. Tom and Laura Gross, Mills River Family Chiropractic / ABC Learning Lab

One of the most important roles of a doctor is as an educator on health.At mills River Family Chiropractic we have searched for ways to bring honest, balanced and insightful information promoting health, wellness and healing.To date we have found THE GOOD LIFE our most effective venue in this endeavor.We have been offering regular monthly informative discussions on the topic of AD/HD to help the community understand that there are important interventions which can genuinely help in healing children of this often devastating condition aside from the typical drug interventions.There are many subjects I find myself covering with people to help them understand what is meant by health and what the body requires to obtain and maintain health.I have often wanted to write a booklet on health.Time allowing I will write a section for each topic and give handouts during the upcoming discussions, thus the booklet is born.

Everyone in our culture has been exposed to the disposable, quick fix, I want it now mentality.Television, radio, magazines, newspapers and billboards everywhere reinforce this message suggesting what you should expect and accept regarding health.As a result of this “programming” there is a serious philosophical dilemma for most people when they are faced with the necessity of making the kind of real-life choices that effect their lifestyle and can have the power to regain their health and get their life back on track.

The Informative Discussion Series on Genuine Health and Healing is intended to help people become aware of the kind of real-life choices that have the power to help them regain and maintain their health.Each of us is unique and when possible I would like to introduce simple yet powerful techniques which can be used to help people make the correct choices for their unique health needs.

Natural Health and Healing techniques are a part of traditional wisdom worldwide.Somehow in our disposable, quick fix, I want it now mentality we are quickly losing the traditions of wisdom which we have passed down generations before.

Common sense would suggest if there is a problem then the solution should consider several things;

If there are obstacles remove them.

If there are some things missing then replace them.

If there is something broken then repair it.

If there is something out of balance reset it.

If there is a rut or a wrong path that has been formed then reprogram it.

The wheels of wellness traverse all areas of your life and leave no path untouched.

Natural health traditions often consider the balance of some-ones entire life. In order to consider wellness honestly you must take in the bigger picture of your life.This concept does not suit itself well to consumerism so we have been sold a consumable version which does not remotely resemble genuine health yet is referred to as Health Care.

It is my passion to bring people to a place of genuine healing.I am constantly searching for and learning new ways to improve what I can offer in this endeavor.I do not profess or contend to have the one true way, method or complete knowledge.I do offer a considerably more comprehensive view and enlarged model of health and have a passion to share whatever I can to edify and uplift our families and our community.

This article kicked off a series of public health discussions called the Informative Discussion Series on Genuine Health and Healing.