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Interdependence in The LORD’s Day

Mills River Family Chiropractic
Drs Tom and Laura Gross

I have a deep abiding respect for our founding fathers here in America.They left a tyrannical Kingship to form a self governed nation founded on Godly principles.They gained independence at the incalculable cost in lives of their precious loved ones.We are the beneficiaries of their sacrifice. They rejected a system of government that restricted their religious freedom to the point of imprisonment or worse in favor of a government founded on principles that a population of God fearing decent people could govern themselves and arrive at truth within the guidelines of certain endowments by their creator.They gained independence from a tyrannical King in favor of interdependence on a collective agreement among God fearing decent people girded by a belt of truth.

Christians who seriously strive to obey GOD know that when they reject the governance of God’s word they are jumping headfirst into sin and chaos will accompany the distance this brings between them and their LORD.God’s Kingdom is a true kingdom, not a democracy!A democracy is an expression of cooperative rule. God’s rule is absolute and every law of GOD bears consequences either desirable or undesirable depending upon which side of obedience we place ourselves.We are to cooperate in godly obedience to rightly discern and administer God’s wisdom in the laws that govern our land.

I contend that America has found itself afflicted with another tyranny.Our constitution has been slandered by less than God fearing decent people who have not only strived ardently to erode and deny the Godly principles of our Constitution but further turned on the very impetus that motivated our quest for freedom in the first place, the freedom to honor GOD with our lives both publicly and privately as we see fit.The very principles which once girded our nation with the belt of truth have been turned upside down and are being misused to threaten and squelch our religious freedoms.Pretty much anyone who has boldly shared the gospel without being ashamed in public life has encountered this contrary spirit. I was born on July 4th and love our nation dearly.I don’t want to spend this article bashing America.I want to stir up the gift that is within us to boldly reclaim the gift of GOD we have foolishly allowed to be squandered.

God’s people were given an authoritative structure of rule beginning in Genesis with GOD Himself as the ultimate judge.By Genesis 31 Jacob had suggested a mixed group council (your family and mine) sit in judgment and in Exodus 18 GOD used the Midianite, Jethro, father in law to Moses, to suggest the lower court system of justice much like we have today. It is worth consideration here that this was a system of relative self rule resting upon interdependence among God fearing decent people each ultimately asking GOD for the wisdom with which to judge. It was not until 1 Samuel 8that against Samuel and the LORD Himself, the people demanded a King.Even faced with prophesy of sure tyranny the people demanded a king.They got Saul!Now they could obey a lesser ruler and distance themselves from the absolute rule of GOD, oops.

We as the Lords people are to be interdependent regarding one another and completely dependent upon Him.Peter and John emphasized this point in Acts 4:19when they said "Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God's sight to obey you rather than God”. (NIV)

I marvel, as a doctor, at the amazing interdependence of the physical body.Every cell is created to perform a specific function, useless outside of the rest of the body, but ultimately necessary for the health and wellbeing of the whole person.Although we study the “systems of the body” as if they were somehow separate; indeed, the cardiopulmonary system or the gastrointestinal system or any other system can not maintain the health and wellbeing of the body without the unquestioned cooperation of the rest of the body.Every cell in the body and every function of the body is ultimately interdependent on the whole.If a cell ceases to perform its function to the benefit of the whole body and starts to do its own thing then it is acting like a cancer.It soon brings chaos and ultimately can result in death.

I contend that when we become independent of others and seek our own advantage apart from GOD’s purpose chaos will ensue and leave wreckage in our lives.We are not to forsake the assembly of the saints and we are to submit to the godly counsel of our elders.Independence as it was in 1776 was freedom from a tyranny which was an obstacle to true worship and godly servant hood.These brave men and women greatly desired the Yoke of obedience to the LORD and wanted like Peter and John to Obey GOD rather than godless tyranny.They gladly fashioned a government interdependent upon the godly council of all for the greater good of One Nation Under GOD.Anything less can be likened to a social cancer.

I believe the LORD has given us a free will to choose creative and remarkably generous ways to demonstrate His love and salvation to His glory.I believe as we join together as God fearing decent people honoring, respecting and depending on and being dependable for one another, interdependent, walking out each day in the Sabbath rest, we will see the health restored to the Body of Christ.This is truly a reason to celebrate with fireworks!

May God anoint you and restore you to the fullness of your function this Interdependence day.