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Nia Fitness Class coming to Mills River

Drs. Tom and Laura Gross, Mills River Family Chiropractic / ABC Learning Lab

Nia is a widely known and appreciated style of fitness training.We are pleased to bring this highly effective and respected fitness class to the town of Mills River.In Hebrew Nia means a small tiny movement, however, Nia is actually fashioned so that anyone at any level of fitness can participate and benefit.Nia actually stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action.It is founded on the concept that there is a dancer, martial artist and a highly aware person within each of us.Nia is revolutionary in many ways.Nia forged a new form of exercise called “fusion fitness” by combining several classic forms of movement as therapy and exercise into one dynamic and synergistic form of fitness training.Nia has also introduced doing things the easy way into the exercise arena thus replacing the punishment of exercise with the fun of physical activity.It accomplishes this by being adaptable to every level of fitness, every age and body type including those with special limitations.

Nia has introduced doing things the easy way

into the exercise arena thus replacing the punishment of exercise

with the fun of physical activity.

Nia provides three levels of intensity in every movement, it is adaptable in ranges of motion and allows endless freedom of expression in movement choices.A combination of action and rest stimulate cellular processes and restore a sense of ease to the body.Brain research has firmly established that visualizing a movement stimulates many of the same areas of the brain as the actual movement.Nia incorporates this principle allowing the brain to be more effectively stimulated, promoting higher quality movement and helping to restore the body awareness which is so important in maintaining health and avoiding injury.Variation in speed, style and range of motion through progressions working both with and against gravity stimulate larger areas of brain and recover potentials in movement lost by a sedentary lifestyles and years of restricted and repetitive movements.Nia offers a non-impact aerobic workout, safe for all ages and ability levels.The Nia style improves joint flexibility and range of motion, muscle strength and definition, flexibility, agility and balance.

FREE Nia Demo’s are offered on your first visit

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