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Brain Based Healing
for AD/HD, LD and Aspergers Syndrome

  • Integrative, whole person oriented approach
  • Drugless Natural methods of intervention
  • Fun… Kid oriented program
  • Amazingly comprehensive in scope
  • Convenient after school hours
  • Integrative, Whole Person Fun and Natural approach

ABC Learning LAB offers the best in drug free functional restoration for the AD/HD, LD and Autistic spectrum disorders.

A thorough history is taken to help understand how interpersonal and environmental interactions contribute to the children’s needs.

A brain based Chiropractic neurological examination helps identify areas of involvement which may be used to help restore optimal neurological function for each individual child.

Baseline cognitive performance assessments are made for attention using the Integrated Visual & Auditory Continuous Performance Test (IVA). When available, other aptitude, achievement or intelligence tests will be used to help identify functional processing deficits.

Quantitative EEG (QEEG Brain Mapping) and Videonystagmograpy (VNG ) studies will be performed as necessary to further isolate functional areas of neurological involvement and track progress.


Fundamental cellular biochemistry and neurotransmitter analyses are performed as necessary to isolate areas of insufficient cellular energy production or imbalances in neurotransmitter levels which can promote cellular fatigability and dysfunction in the brain. Metabolic threats to cellular survival are evaluated. Corrections to any deficits or imbalances are accomplished with natural substances such as coenzymes (specialized vitamins) and cofactors (minerals, etc.)

Functional indicators of neurologic status are reassessed with regularity using a variety of methods to track progress and refine clinical applications to suit individual needs.

Neurofeedback techniques are utilized to help restore optimal brainwave function and improve attentional capacity.


Interactive Metronome techniques are utilized to improve timing and sequencingof motoric events thus raising the functionality of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the seat of important executive functions.


Brain Gym is taught for home use to improve integrated right and left brain cooperative function and improve ability to focus on studies.

Specific Neurological rehabilitative techniques are utilized to restore sensorimotor and vestibular function through the most well tolerated methods.


Treatment is provided in three month intervals with re-assessment performed at each three month interval allowing refinement and assurance of efficacy with each child.

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