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Massage Therapy


A gentle, noninvasive technique that, by holding areas of restriction, frees the blockages and allows one's body to move easier and to be in a better alignment. By freeing the blockages ones body has the opportunity to function easier and more smoothly.

Unlike a massage, this therapy is very subtle and can get to the core of what is creating the pain and discomfort. Whether it be physical or emotional, CranioSacral Therapy has the ability to bring those issues forward so one is able to get past their discomfort. During this therapy the client is fully clothed at all times and is just asked to relax and allow their body to be open to the changes that come with the treatment.


This therapy gets very deep into the muscles to "work" the pain out. Using techniques that relieve muscle soreness, pain from injuries, muscle tightness, etc. During this therapy the therapist may use herlhis elbows, thumbs or forearms. During a deep tissue massage stretching may be done to help loosen the muscles more.

This therapy is done with the client undressed to their comfort level while lying, fully covered besides the area being worked, under a sheet. At all times the therapist only works to the patients pain tolerance level. By going too deep, the client's body may be reacting to the pressure and tightening up. This is not helpful to the clients well being.


This type of massage is a light form of bodywork that is mainly used for stress reduction and relaxation. Using light strokes along the body, this therapy helps to relax the client and helps the stresses of their daily life melt away.

This therapy may include some light stretching as a way to help keep the client's body looser. This therapy is done with the client undressed to their comfort level, lying underneath the sheet. They will be fully covered at all times except for the area being worked.